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The Legend of our Bird's Nest began with our Grandpa, who was trading Bird's Nest in Sarawak since 1950. Back then, Grandpa owned a little boutique shop in a small town, collecting Bird's Nest from Baram, Niah's cave in Sarawak and trading its Bird's Nest to South East Asia. The family helped him in refining, cleaning, packaging and delivering its Bird's Nest to its Customers.

Xin. Bird's Nest, began its gentle milestones in Singapore since 2009. Providing various types of Pure Cave's Bird's Nest from Sarawak and Indonesia, we are well supported by our Customers from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our distinctive bird's nest and services have nourished our development, allowing us in serving you with pure and premium Bird's Nests.

As the years passed by, our Quality of Bird's Nest remains excellent and strong. Like its name, Xin. Bird's Nest(心。燕窝) sincerely presents our pure Bird's Nest which serve more than a natural antioxidant that enabling you to regulate your health & beauty at all times.

With Xin. Bird's Nest, the Legend of health & beauty shall reveal and emerge, just for our valued customer, like you…

We remain committed in maintaining high quality standard of our Bird’s Nests.  For years, we are dedicated to meet all our customers' requirements by delivering premium bird’s nests. We comply and conform to the ISO 9001 standard and we shall continue to enhance the customer satisfaction of our valued customers.

We aim to be the best Bird’s Nest Supplier in the region, by providing quality bird’s nest and excellent service to you.  With the Service Slogan that we have in mind, we shall commit and distinguish ourselves to be an excellent service leader in the industry.


Strengthens the lungs and kidneys, improves the quality of the spleen, clears phlegm and enhances the appetite.


Rejuvenate the complexion, smoothen the skin, maintain youthfulness and prevent wrinkles.

3. Enhance the rebirth of cells and tissues (Epidermal growth factor).  

Assists in the prevention of cancer through rich antioxidants.           

5. Improving heart functions and to reduce blood pressure                   
6. Strengthens the body's self-regulating actions and resistance to disease
7. Regulates blood supply all around the body.                                     

" I enjoy shopping with XIN Bird's Nest. The 5-star service makes me stay with them and thanks to XIN Bird's Nest, my kids have good complexion now."
Francis Seah - Manager, Human Resource

" I give 2 thumbs up to its delivery service, it is delivered to your door step at no costs." Jennifer Lee - Manager, Customer Care

"Their products are genuine and their cave's bird's nests are much cheaper than those in the market. They provide good customer service by answering all your concerns." Emmaling Lee - Administrator

"I bought the bird's nests for my family and especially my kids, they love eating bird's nest every weekend. My daughter in particular, loves the nest cup. I think giving bird's nest is healthier than ice-cream."
Elise Lim - Executive, Human Resource

"Their products are genuine and their cave's bird's nests are much cheaper than those in the market."
Lynn Tan - Teacher

"Excellent and presentable packaging! I am able to present it to my friends as a gift."
Ms. Ang - IT Technical Support Analyst

"My complexion improves as compared to a year ago after taking their cave's bird's nest. I really enjoy shopping with them."
Jenny Lim - Flight Stewardess

"A premium packaging that allows me to present to my client, my colleagues and my team likes it very much."
Jonathan Lee - Private Banker

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