Welcome! Xin. Bird's Nest would like to introduce our Exclusive Membership Program, which is tailored to offer you an exclusive online shopping at your preferred price and benefits.

So, join us as Exclusive Member to start your rewarding journey now to enjoy the Exclusive Privileges every time you shop with us.


XIN. Bird's Nest proudly presents its Exclusive membership to its valued customer who spend a minimum of S$ 350* (NETT- after all discounts) on our bird's nest. Upon approval, you will receive a one time S$ 20/- voucher as a welcome gift which is to be used for your next purchase.

2. You are allowed to accumulate your receipt of up to 12 months period.
3. Enjoy an Immediate 20% discount off when you shop with us.
4. Xin's Dollar of S$ 2/- will be awarded for every purchase of S$ 100 for your use in your next purchase.
5. Enjoy a one time 30% off in a single receipt during your birthday month. (Presentation of NRIC is required to enjoy the birthday discount.)

Note: The Management of XIN. Bird's Nest reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


The Exclusive Membership program of XIN. Bird's Nest shall be opened to all the individuals aged 18 years old and above.

2. All discounts which Classic member entitled shall not be used in conjunction with any other promotion programs.
3. All Members are recommended to keep all their receipts for a period of 12 months in the event of any discrepancy in the XIN Dollar accumulation.
4. To enjoy the 20% discount during the birthday month, Exclusive member must present his or her NRIC/Passport for verification purpose.
5. XIN. Bird's Nests reserve the right to cancel and withdraw any Exclusive Benefits extended to members should there be manipulation in the accumulation of XIN's Dollar.
6. XIN. Bird's Nests reserves the right at any time without giving prior notice or reason whatsoever, to amend , modify, revise, vary, cease or terminate the membership Program, privileges and its terms and conditions.
7. Members can only redeem XIN. Dollar that are recorded in the computerized account maintained by XIN. Bird's Nest.
8. XIN Dollar awarded may only be redeemed by the principal Exclusive member and strictly non-transferable to another member's account. Members are not allowed to combine their XIN. Dollar earned with those of other members for the redemption.
9. In the case of return of Bird's Nest purchased by an Exclusive Member, the XIN. Dollar awarded in this respect shall be deducted from his/her account.
10. All members are advised to update XIN. Bird's Nest at any changes in their correspondence address or other personal particulars to avoid correspondence being sent to incorrect address.
11. XIN. Dollar earned are not redeemable for cash.


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