Bird's Nest with Chicken Congee and Scallop

1. A good source of protein, contributing to the growth and repair of body cells.
2. Prevent wrinkles and keep your hair healthy.
3. Boost energy Level and immunne system.

INGREDIENTS (for 2-3 persons)
1. Brewed Bird's Nest - 3 pieces(Refer to recipe 1)
2. Rice – 1 to 2 tins
3. Chicken – 1/2
4. Scallop – 3 - 4 pieces
5. Ginger – 3 - 6 slices
6. Spring Onion
7. Salt

1. Clean the chicken, cut into pieces and remove the skin of the chicken.
2. Boil the chicken with ginger for 20 minutes. Leave the boiled chicken soup for congee later.
3. Remove the chicken, tear it to the fine shreds. Bones of the chicken to be put aside.
4. Boil the rice with scallop chicken soup until cooked, add in chicken shreds till it is soft. Add in the brewed bird's nest. (You may refer to recipe 1 on how to brew bird's nest)
5. You may add a bit of salt, and spring onion after the congee is cooked.
6. Serve while it is hot.

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