Gift Basket: Fine Bird’s Nest (Light Yellow) with Moutai Bulao and Fresh Flowers
上等金丝燕 (微黄), 茅台不老, 鲜花

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Moutai Bulao:

  • Chinese baijiu is a clear, distilled alcohol fermented using a unique ancient ingredient called qu (曲). Chinese baijiu has been produced in China for thousands of years and is typically consumed at formal banquets, state occasions and where one's status is displayed.
  • The four main types of Chinese baijiu are Sauce Aroma, Strong Aroma, Light Aroma and Rice Aroma. Moutai is best known for its distinct 'jiang' (sauce) aroma and multi-dimensional flavours.
  • Q: I have seen many brand labels of Moutai baijiu in the market. Is Moutai Bulao same as them?
    A: Moutai Bulao is different from the other Moutai baijiu you can see in the market. Only those produced by "Kweichow Moutai Group" can be labelled as "Kweichow Moutai baijiu". The other distilleries normally state "Moutai Town baijiu". Kweichow Moutai Group is the only distillery to use the quality "hongyingzi" red tassel sorghum in the local production region.
  • Q: How is Moutai Bulao compared to those also produced by Kweichow Moutai Group?
    A: Moutai Bulao shares the same origins of Kweichow Moutai. Moutai Bulao is the first baijiu to be infused with wolfberry, longan, hawthorn and angelica dahurica. It is characterized by its sweet and mellow mouthfeel with a lengthy lingering aftertaste, without the fiery palate.

Gift Basket & Fresh Flowers:

  • All gifts baskets are new and we will only pack and select the most suitable gift basket upon receiving your order. This means it's not possible to request for certain colours/types of gift basket.
  • We select the freshest flowers on the day of delivery. Unfortunately, this means it's not possible to request for certain types or colours of fresh flowers.
  • The fresh flowers and gift basket are not exchangeable or redeemable for cash/credit.

Gifts Containing Alcohol:

  • Gifts including alcohol can only be purchased and delivered to persons over the age of 18.
  • Self pick up is not applicable to gifts with alcohol.


  • Contact us @ 9187 5286 if you need customisation of gift basket.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. If we do this, we will publish the amended terms and conditions on this page.



  • 中国白酒是一种色清透明的蒸馏酒,使用一种独特的古老原料 “曲” 进行发酵。它在中国已经有几千年的历史,通常在正式的宴会、国家场合以及任何有身份要求的高端场景饮用。
  • 中国白酒的“四大香型”包括酱香型、浓香型、淡香型和米香型。而茅台酒以其独特的酱香味和丰富的口感而闻名。
  • Q: 市面上常见的所谓“贵州茅台酒”很多,茅台不老酒和他们一样吗?
    A: 在中国贵州茅台镇赤水河沿岸,有着上千家酿酒工厂,市面上很多来自这些酒厂,自称产地茅台的酒他们只能称 “来自茅台镇”,而并非 “茅台酒”。只有 “贵州茅台酒厂集团” 所酿造的酒,才能称之为 “贵州茅台酒”。并且享有当地最优秀的 “核心产区” “独有的红缨子高粱”。
  • Q: 茅台不老酒与贵州茅台集团之间有什么关系?
    A: 茅台不老是贵州茅台集团子公司的产品。同宗同源,共享酿酒过程中的粮、水、曲、艺,采用相同的茅台基酒。特别之处在于茅台不老是贵州茅台集团第一款添加白芷、龙眼肉、山楂、枸杞四味食材的产品。这一创新使得茅台不老酒的口感更加甘美醇厚、优雅细腻、回味悠长、空杯留香,饮之让人打破对白酒呛辣的既定印象,是初尝者也能欣然接受的好味道。


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