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*As our Bird’s Nests are all-natural and vary in colour and sizes, the products you receive may look slightly different from the images shown.

*由于我们的燕窝是纯天然的, 颜色和大小各不相同, 您收到的产品会与所示图片略有不同.

Type: Cave
Origin: Sarawak
Quality of Threads & Texture: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Colour: Milky White/Light Yellow
Preparation Time: 60 mins of Soaking
90 mins of Brewing
Weight: 37.5grams/box
Contents: 5 - 8 pieces in a box (average)

Compared to Superior Cave Bird’s Nest: Bigger in size

A daily dose of 2-3 tablespoons of Bird’s Nest a day can improve your overall health and complexion.


种类: 天然洞燕
原产地: 砂劳越
燕条品质及口感: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
颜色: 乳白/淡黄
烹煮时间: 60 分钟 浸泡
90 分钟 隔水炖
重量: 37.5 克/1 盒
含量: 每盒 5 – 8 片 (平均)

优良金丝洞燕相比: 特选金丝洞燕较大些

每天服用 2-3 汤匙的燕窝可强身健体并使肌肤显得更加年轻。


  1. QY

    “Highly recommended on the Premium bird’s nest purchased. Not only great thoughts and care went into the well presented bird nests in the gift box, it is the most tasty bird nest I have tried so far.”

  2. Sarah

    “The premium cave’s bird nests are the best I have had so far. The threads are solid even after we brewed for 2 hours, the bird nests i bought from other outlets turned into water after i brewed for an hour. This is authentic and tastes very good. I will buy it again from XIN.”

  3. Jonathan

    “I bought 2 boxes before Chinese new year for my mum and she was delighted with its quality as it expanded well and taste very good. We were enjoying bird nest on the eve of the new year. Highly recommended for its quality and it is worth value for money.”

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