Premium Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar), Semi-Concentrated
特选金丝燕 (低糖), 半浓缩
90ml x 2 bottles


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Our Bird’s Nest

  • No Stabilizer
  • No Preservatives/Chemical
  • 60% of Bird’s Nest per bottle (3 grams dried bird’s nest)
  • Thicker threads of Bird’s Nest
  • Smooth and Rich Texture


  • 无稳定剂
  • 无任何化学添加剂
  • 每瓶有60% 的燕窝成分 (三克干燕窝)
  • 包含金丝粗燕条
  • 口感顺滑浓稠


A daily consumption of Bird’s Nest a day can improve your overall health and complexion.

Type: Instant Drink (House Bird's Nest)
How to Consume: Take 1-2 tablespoons in the morning before breakfast and night before sleep, keep in the fridge and consume within a week upon opening. Take it consistently for 4 weeks to experience the benefits.
Ingredients: Bird's Nest (60%), R.O. Water (35%), Honey Rock Sugar (5%)
Dry Bird’s Nest: 3 grams per bottle
Bird’s Nest Origin: Malaysia
Net Weight: 90ml ≤ 5%/bottle
Expiry Date: Refer to the bottle

Difference between Fine Bird’s Nest and Premium Bird’s Nest Drinks

Fine Bird’s Nest Drink Premium Bird’s Nest Drink
% of Bird’s Nest (per bottle) 32% 60%
% of Soluble Protein (per bottle) 2% 5%
Texture of Bird’s Nest Fine Nest Threads Thick Nest Threads
Net Weight (per bottle) 55ml ≤ 5% 90ml ≤ 5%
Number of Bottles (per box) 6 2



种类: 即饮 (屋燕)
指示: 早晚各服一至两汤匙,开瓶后,请马上冷藏并在一周内服完。坚持连续服用4周将会体验最佳效果。
成分: 燕窝 (60%), 纯净水 (35%), 石蜂糖 (5%)
干燕窝: 每瓶三克
燕窝产地: 马来西亚
容量: 每瓶 90ml ≤ 5%
有效期: 标注于瓶子


上等金丝燕 特选金丝燕
每瓶的燕窝含量 (%) 32% 60%
每瓶的可溶性蛋白 (%) 2% 5%
燕窝的质感 细燕条 粗燕条
每瓶的容量 55ml ≤ 5% 90ml ≤ 5%
每盒的数量 6 2


  1. Jonathan

    “A perfect gift and a 5-star service! They respond fast to my queries, very fast delivery and love their customised service – handwritten messages on little cards for my friends and customers. Thank you, XIN. Bird’s nest!”

  2. Jing Ling

    “My mum and I split it into 2 days and we consume it day and night. It brightens up our skin after 2 months. Worth buying!”

  3. Angela Lee

    “Great! A lot of Bird’s nest, 很多燕条。”

  4. Mdm Sim

    “It is not sweet and we like it because there aren’t any stabilizers and preservatives.”

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