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Experience the finest bird’s nest products that will nourish your body and well-being here at XIN Bird’s Nest. Indulge in our exquisite selection of authentic, high-quality bird’s nest products while enjoying savings of up to 26% off.

Premium Cave Bird's Nest Drink (Reduced Sugar)

Premium Cave Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar)

特选金丝洞燕 (低糖)

For 2 boxes & above : $59.80/box $49.80/box (Save $10/box)

For 1 box : $59.80/box $54.80/box (Save $5/box)

Deluxe Cave Bird's Nest (Reduced Sugar), Semi-Concentrated

Deluxe Cave Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar), Semi-Concentrated

精选金丝洞燕 (低糖), 半浓缩

For 2 boxes & above : $78.80/box $59.80/box (Save $19/box)

For 1 box : $78.80/box $69.80/box (Save $9/box)

For 2 boxes & above : $98.80/box $72.80/box (Save $26/box)

For 1 box : $98.80/box $88.80/box (Save $10/box)


Out of stock

Xin Fine Bird's Nest Instant Drink

Fine Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar)

上等金丝燕 (低糖)


Out of stock

Xin Premium Bird's Nest Semi-concentrated Instant Drink

Premium Bird’s Nest (Reduced Sugar), Semi-Concentrated

特选金丝燕 (低糖), 半浓缩


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Fine Bird’s Nest Ivory

Fine Bird’s Nest (Ivory)

上等白官燕 (乳白)

For 2 boxes & above : $288/box $218/box (Save $70/box)

For 1 box : $288/box $258/box (Save $30/box)

Fine Bird’s Nest Yellow

Fine Bird’s Nest (Light Yellow)

上等金丝燕 (微黄)

For 2 boxes & above : $298/box $228/box (Save $70/box)

For 1 box : $298/box $268/box (Save $30/box)

Superior Cave Bird’s Nest

Superior Cave Bird's Nest


For 2 boxes & above : $408/box $348/box (Save $60/box)

For 1 box : $408/box $388/box (Save $20/box)

Premium Cave Bird’s Nest

Premium Cave Bird's Nest


For 2 boxes & above : $580/box $478/box (Save $102/box)

For 1 box : $580/box $528/box (Save $52/box)

Fine Bird’s Nest Light Yellow

Fine Bird’s Nest (Light Cream)

上等金丝燕 (淡乳色)


Out of stock

What’s the difference between Cave and House Bird’s Nest?
Cave Bird’s Nest House Bird’s Nest
Quality of Threads Higher in thread volume (thread count),
individual threads are also thicker
Threads are thinner as compared to Cave Bird’s Nests
Nutrition Value Cave Bird’s Nests are naturally more nutritious as it contains all the minerals
from the caves
Still contains a good amount of nutritional value to boost overall health and retain youthfulness
Preparation Time 1 to 2 hrs
Cave Bird’s Nests can be brewed for a longer period of time (about 1-2 hours) without “melting”
30 mins to 1 hr
House bird’s nest will start “melting” if brewing exceeds 1 hour, will need to watch the timing carefully
Taste Texture is smooth and slightly chewy, with a pleasant egg white aroma Texture is smooth with an egg white aroma



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